Delivery area (a rough guide)


In case you're wondering "Where do you guys deliver?" here's the short answer:

Here's the long answer:


Blue: our restaurant partners are all located within this area.  It's pretty easy for us to travel among midtown/downtown locations in a timely fashion.  However, if you are located waaay on the other side of the grid, it might take a little longer.


Orange: these are a bit outside our usual delivery range, which is not to say we don't make it out there semi-regularly.  Please remember that we are on bikes and this may take a little longer.  You are always free to call the restaurant ahead of time to ensure your order arrives when you want it.  If you plan ahead, so will we.


Red: It's not unheard of for us to end up out here.  Given the distance between our shop/restaurants and the red areas, it would be best to call your order in well ahead of time.  We're a small team, and sometimes the world wants us to be in multiple places at once.  Again, if we know to expect your order, we'll plan accordingly.


*Note* this map is approximate.  If you really need an order and are on the farther end of the delivery zone, it would be best to give us a call at Edible Pedal before placing your order.