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Who, what, when, where, why and how?

Updated: Mar 7

Ok. Maybe not all that in that order, but here is why this is happening and a little intro...

First, thanks for clicking on the blog!

Edible Pedal Bike Shop has been open in West Sacramento since 2015. We are a family owned and operated full service bike shop. We sell new and used bikes and parts. Although repair is the main emphasis of our business. Not just to sell you stuff.

My name is Brian and I run the shop. It's pretty much just me with the occasional help of my wife and son. I have been in the bicycle industry and a professional mechanic for 30 years working in just about every area within it.

I love bikes. Actually, I am obsessed with them. Admitting is the first step right? I am asked by customers what kind of bikes do I ride? Pretty much everything (minus tri-bikes, too much strain on my neck). My passion is for bikepacking, bikerafting and overall adventure riding. I am not that fast, nor am I competitive. I am literally along for the ride. On a lot of my rides I make coffee, or even cook food just to complement the experience. When I get home my son asks me what animals did I see, not how far or how fast did I ride.

In regards to fixing bikes, I am a try to fix before replace kind of mechanic/ business owner. For example: most Shimano shifters can be cleaned out and restored. Don't let a shop just sell you new ones because it is easier and more profitable. There is enough trash in the world! I have unfortunately worked in shops that will keep the old ones, fix them and sell them as used anyway. That's not my business model.

Soon, the why. Stay tuned...

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