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Why are you called Edible Pedal?

(John Boyer and I transporting stuff via bike from the old (now Velo Trap) midtown location to west sac via bike, of course)

When I first moved back to town from Colorado I rented a house in east sac and I'd see these kids riding around delivering pizza from One Speed on these big orange cargo bikes. I thought it was soo cool! I was managing a different shop at the time and that's when John and I met and started talking about west sac. We opened the west sac Edible Pedal Bike Shop, March 2015.

John Boyer is the founder of Edible Pedal. He started off Edible Pedal as an alternative transportation company delivering food primarily from farm to fork restaurants and CSA boxes that focused on being local and organic. All by bike! He had so many bikes running around that he decided to open a shop in mid town to service the delivery fleet and sell used bikes ready for a new life. Then all the delivery companies hiring drivers came to town and basically put and end to that dream. It sucks that you can have so much passion to do good for the world, only to be out bid and have your dreams crushed. But that's business, unfortunately. John is still doing deliveries and focusing on his latest project Trips For Kids Sac.

So that's what's behind the name.

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